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Another Jordan shoe is almost out for release, this time it looks like they put a solid Air Max mid-sole on to add a different feel.



Check out this bike shelf designed by rider Chris Brigham. If you would like one, email Chris at A direct quote from him is listed below explaining his clever design.

While visiting many friends small apartments here in SF and more so in NY, I noticed that there is a void when it comes to elegant bike management. Bikes always get in the way – either in the hall, or leaning up against a bookshelf or something. So, I decided to design something to fix that problem. Until I think of a better name, I am calling it the Bike Shelf.”

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Let me say this first, Dell computers are terrible, and I feel bad for anyone that has one as you most likely have had some kind of problem. Otherwise, their new Dell Duo is actually pretty cool. It’s a rather small PC, but offers a cool swivel to convert to a tablet. Sick design, well see how it works though.

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