Monthly Archives: February 2011

A bonus video taken from the Jay-Z: DECODED app from iTunes, the Brooklyn native talks
briefly about his life growing up in the projects and how he focused on lyrical technique
before he experienced real emotions.
via nahright


Here’s a new track from Black Hippy (Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul)
titled, “Constipation“. It’s nice to hear some new shit from this group of talented California
emcees. You can hear more collaborations from these guys on Schoolboy Q’s latest album
Setbacks“. Also Ab-Soul’s upcoming project, “LongTerm: Mentality“, drops April 5th,
so you can look forward to more from that as well. Enjoy.

Yo, so my boy Alfie Parker from introduced me to this one man band named
The Heligoats last night, ever since I’ve been hooked. Chris Otepkas style is out of this world,
his lyrics highlight his conscious, he uses his well selected words to paint a perfect picture of
his own thoughts and observations. His stage presence may seem awkward at first but it seems
to work harmoniously with his music and his elaborate and entertaining story telling.

One thing Apple loves doing is updating their products, and yet again here in early 2011 they’re
back at it again. The three 13 inch, 15 inch, and 17 inch models all include new graphics,
software, speed, and storage. All new models feature Thunderbolt technology which is a unified
successor to USB, FireWire, and DisplayPort, allowing peripherals to hypothetically carry data
and video at 10Gbps. The 13 inch model comes with new graphics from Intel’s new processor
titled, Sandy Bridge, while the larger models are switched to an AMD graphics card. All models
feature a new FaceTime graphics card and start at a minimum of 4GB of RAM. Also the lowest
model, the 13 inch, receives a hard-drive boost from 250GB to 320GB.