Nintendo’s New Console: Wii U

Nintendo unveiled it’s newest console today the Wii U, at the E3 Gaming Expo in Los Angeles.
Wii U shocked me, I wasn’t expecting to write anything about a Nintendo console any time
soon but this gaming system deserves some serious credit. The controllers buttons are
surrounded by a 6.2 inch touch screen that can be used as either a second screen for the
television or an entirely different perspective for in-game play. Buttons include: dual analog
sticks, d-pad, a front facing camera as well as four shoulder buttons. Another great feature
is that Wii U has backward compatibility. This means that original Wii games as well as Wii
accessories (like Wii Fit) can be used on the new console. To learn about the Wii U’s other
innovative features check out the video below and/or visit Gizmodo.



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