rudytees – CITY SERIES

So I ‘m excited to finally introduce the upcoming rudytees brand project titled, CITY SERIES.
A vision that I have had for a while now, brings together my love of traveling and the people/
culture that represent each city. Each shirt will consist of a collage print, compiled of different
textures found in particular cities I have traveled too, along with the name to accompany
the image.
The basic concept behind this series of shirts is the idea of how a city is actually viewed and
represented. While many people see a city for the classic silhouettes and iconic or historic
buildings, I view a city for the people that live in it. Each shirt will have a photo of different
cities including New York, Paris, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, depicting the people of that
particular city. Then using textures of sidewalks, concrete, trees, water, buildings, wood and
other elements, the textures will be collaged together to represent the photo.
It’s a very loose and abstract idea, but I have already started the shirt for New York, and I must
say I’m pretty excited. So take a look at what I have started so far. Enjoy.


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